Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trade targets.

The Reds need a guy who gets on base. They have actually done a good job during this losing streak of cashing in the runners that DO get on base. Out of 47 runners, 12 have came around to score. That's acceptable. The problem is, only 47 runners in 6 games. That's less than 8 runners per game. You aren't going to score like that. So, I'm targeting guys with a high OBP first, everything else later.

Casey McGehee:

McGehee has a career .326 OBP. He started his career strong, slumped, then went to Japan for 2 years and came back as an on base machine. He's currently at .383. Not much power, but he can play first, second, and third, so would be a pretty good pickup due to being able to move around with all the injuries they have right now. The Marlins would probably be willing to flip him for a small level prospect. He's making 1.1 MIL this year but will probably go up a bit this offseason because it would be his third year of arbitration. The fact that he made the All Star team might discourage the Marlins to go to arbitration with him. (or sign him before that)

Dexter Fowler:

Can't field that well, but he wouldn't play CF for the Reds. Stick him in left and let him hit. He'd be under team control until after 2015 so this would be a move that would help in future years potentially. He might cost more than McGehee, but I'd be willing to move any prospects not named Stephenson or Winker for a guy that would help in 2015 as well, since that's probably when this current team's window closes for a bit, seeing as how all the pitchers are free agents after that and we ain't gonna be able to keep them all. I would totally take a guy with a .366 OBP.  A guy like that can play in my lineup any day. It's weird that you haven't heard his name in any rumors yet, because most people assumed the Astros acquired him just to flip him for more prospects as they rebuild. He's not going to be there when they get good again, so why not? He's been on the DL with an intercostal strain, but I'm assuming he would be back by the deadline.

Josh Willingham:

My least favorite of these guys...and probably the one most likely to be acquired, but he'd help. He can get on base, the batting average sucks, but he's got some pop. Not going to help defensively, but he's played some first base earlier in his career and could slide to left when Votto comes back. 35 years old, and a free agent after the season. Strictly a 2014 only rental.

Marlon Byrd:

I don't think this is likely, because Ruben Amaro is apparently thinks that trading veteran players for younger guys when your team is out of the race is something that you shouldn't do, even though it's worked for decades if done competently. He's not a great on base guy but he has good power, so I don't think it's that good of a fit anyway. Only problem is that he's owed 8 MIL for 2015, which isn't a big deal, but there's a vesting option that kicks in for 2016 for the same price if he 600 plate appearances in 2015 or a combined 1100 plate appearances in 2014 and 2015.

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